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John Stiver

John  Stiver
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    John boasts a formidable career spanning over 25 years in the startup, management, and fundraising domains. His expertise encompasses corporate structure, including the utilization of stock to secure equity, which he has leveraged to raise over $10 million. John has established a proven track record of successful startup ventures, including Advanced Biometrics, Inc. (ABI), where he patented Live Grip technology and facilitated the acquisition of a titanium forming company. Under John’s leadership, ABI secured several government contracts and then was eventually transitioned to a professional management team in 2001.

    In 2019, John joined forces with Michael Lai as Vice President of ML Companies, where he manages acquisition negotiations, and project management. Additionally, he was instrumental in establishing the ML Companies Funds, which provide working capital and equity financing for development projects.

    As Vice President of USASIA Pacific Inc., John plays a pivotal role in investor relations and ensures corporate compliance. He works closely with the legal team to guarantee successful I-526 petition filings. John is driven by a passion for creating mutually beneficial outcomes between clients and the communities they serve.

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